Unleash the Power of Beer Towers for B2B Success! 🌞🍻

Welcome to our complete guide on using beer towers to achieve business success. In this article, we’ll explore how beer towers can elevate your corporate events and client interactions, leaving a lasting impression. With major sporting events heating up the summer season, it’s the perfect time to seize new opportunities and enhance your business strategy … Continued

New Year, Brand New Beer Tower!

We are excited to reveal our improved Balloon model. A stunning modernised version of our existing iconic Balloon. We are in love with this new modern design. And the best news of all is that we have managed to keep the same pricing as the old model. So, there’s no reason, not to choose the … Continued

The Beer Giraffe and Hennessy Cognac

The Beer Giraffe is “all about” beer. But we’re not ALL about beer? Wait…maybe that’s confusing…here’s an example. Hennessy came to us, The Beer Giraffe, in 2016 to manufacture a spirit dispenser for their new brand, Classivm, specifically for the Chinese market. Why? Well because they know, just like we do, that enjoying beer isn’t … Continued

New Craft Beer Towers!

Craft beer lover? Want to Serve Craft Beer Towers? Craft breweries today are using local ingredients and experimenting with tons of different flavours. Due mostly to the rise in consumers expecting transparency and sustainable options. “I think we’ll continue to see the decline of flagship brands. Consumers have so many options on the shelf and … Continued

The Beer Giraffe at the Canton Fair in China – April 2018

The Beer Giraffe is extremely excited to attend another Canton Fair this year! We’ll be showing off our beautiful, custom designs in Phase 2. Join us! Visit our booth and stop by to say hello. And you can even visit our factory, not too far away from the event! The Beer Giraffe Booth Info Phase … Continued

The New Quarter Turn Tap

No one wants to drink alone, except maybe George Thorogood. At The Beer Giraffe we’ve made it our mission to build the most efficient tabletop towers known to man, so that your customers can have a blast together. And since we never stop improving, we’re taking another step in the direction of efficiency and innovation … Continued

Exhibiting again at the Canton Fair October 2017

The Beer Giraffe will once again be exhibiting at this year’s edition of the Canton Fair (the China Import and Export Fair). Some of our team members will be at the stand ready to answer your questions and explain more about our range of products that will be on display. The second phase of the … Continued

LECH A Customised Beer Dispenser: The Glittering Skyscraper

LECH, is a premium lager from Poland and is brewed by Lech Brewary Wielkopolski (SABMiller). As the brand expanded its distribution worldwide, it became a very popular choice among Lager drinkers.  The brand’s iconic large four-letter name printed on green cans and bottles is well known even among those who do not habitually drink lager … Continued

Shock Top Beers Customised Beer Dispensers

How we customised beer towers for Shock Top Some brands stand out from the rest because of their innovative products and ideas. Some others do that through their image, specifically by the way they communicate their brand with outstanding designs, logos and messages. Shock top beers is one of those brands that does both….and it … Continued

Carlsberg – A Premium Beer Tower for A Premium Beer Brand

One of the first questions potential clients and other companies usually ask us is what our design and manufacturing process is like. Welcome to our case studies pages, which offers a much closer look at a selection of The Beer Giraffe work examples from our unique dispenser designs. This Carlsberg in China case study is aimed at visually answering that … Continued