Elevate Your Brand with Premium Beer Towers: The Ultimate Guide


Firstly, when it comes to branding and hospitality, even the small stuff matters. Your choice of beer tower can say a lot about your brand. In this guide, we’ll show you what makes a beer tower stand out and why our Beer Giraffe towers are top picks for major beer brands.

Quality Beer Towers for Quality Brands!

Craftsmanship That Speaks:

At the core of every good beer tower is the tap. To make sure it’s tough and easy to use, go for a simple, two-part tap made from strong stuff. It’s not just about pouring smoothly; it shows your brand’s quality too.

Steady and Confident:

Imagine your brand’s name being poured from a tower that’s really solid. Our Beer Giraffe towers have strong, heavy bases that stay put, even during wild events. Plus, the base comes off easily for quick refills and cleaning—perfect for great service.

Picking the Right Material:

Choosing what it’s made of reflects your brand’s taste. Glass looks classy, but plastic is tough for busy events. For a bold brand choice, try metal towers. Furthermore, they last a long time and keep drinks cooler.

Chill Out in Style:

Our cool ice chamber makes drinks stay chilly without getting watery. Moreover, it’s a fancy touch that adds luxury. And our ice tube keeps things cold for longer, showing off your brand’s style.

Light Up Your Brand:

Add some glow to your brand’s vibe with LED lights. Our Beer Giraffe towers come with these lights that give events a cool vibe, just like your brand.

Why Go for The Beer Giraffe:

  • Built to Last: Our Beer Giraffe Towers are tough for big brand events, showing off what your brand stands for.
  • Made for You: Pick from different styles, looks, and designs to match your brand.
  • Shine Bright: The LED lights make events feel branded, turning things up a notch.
  • All About You: We can even make a tower just for your brand, making you stand out.

Awesome Service:

We’re all about top service, making sure your brand’s journey is smooth and sweet.

Brands Trust Us:

Big beer names pick our Beer Giraffe towers because they work great and look awesome.

In Closing:

Picking a beer tower is like picking your brand’s style. The Beer Giraffe is all about style, quality, and brand coolness, ready to take your brand’s pouring game to the next level.

The Beer Giraffe Team

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