Product Finishes

At The Beer Giraffe we offer both a large selection of beer dispenser designs that are available to purchase as they are, or you can choose from a variety of customisation options which can help you make your brand stand out.

The customisation we offer range from simple but effective brand logo sticker application up to having a unique beer dispenser that is custom designed and produced just for your brand. Somewhere in between we offer the option of choosing a particular finish to the product which would make your beer dispenser look and feel more professional and unique while perhaps being a better reflection of your brand’s personality.

Below are the different product finishes that we offer as part of the customisation process.

Liquid Plating Liquid Plating

Liquid Plating

In chrome, nickel or copper tone, these finishing touches can give a premium ‘metallic’ slick look to your beer tower. All plastic parts of the beer dispenser can be plated except the reservoir which should be left transparent.

Vacuum Plating Vacuum Plating

Vacuum Plating

This has a similar look and feel to the liquid plating finishing touch but it’s more versatile since it can be made in different colors and tones. Just pick any color you like and we can apply it to the finish! As with the liquid plating above, it can be applied to all the plastic parts except the reservoir.

Wooden Plating Wooden Plating

Wooden Plating

You can give your beer dispenser a more rustic and traditional feel with wooden plating. All the plastic parts can be given a wooden appearance in lighter or darker shades according to your preference. The wooden finish has been particularly popular with our ‘beer keg’ or ‘beer barrel’ models since it naturally reproduces the effect of a traditional wooden barrel that were used to store beer or wine in the olden days.

Soft Touch Texture Soft Touch Texture

Soft Touch Texture

This is a type of silicone paint that is applied on top of the plastic material to make it appear very smooth in a sort of smooth rubber texture. It also makes the finish look matt as against a glossy plastic feel. The soft touch paint is transparent and is applied over the logos.

Rugged Texture Rugged Texture

Rugged Texture

This is already incorporated in the mold. The injection molds have this texture so the plastic comes out like that by default when injected. We don’t need to add anything else, however you can choose all types of texture you can imagine from barely noticeable to very rugged.

Metallic Painting Metallic Painting

Metallic Painting

If you would like a metallic look to your dispenser we also have a finish for that! The paint can be applied on all the plastic parts to make it look as if it was crafted in metal. The results are simply amazing. The metallic finish can be applied in different colors of your choice.

Doming for Logos Doming for Logos

Doming for Logos

Doming is used on the beer tap handles and medallions to highlight logos. A sticker is applied to a plastic port, then a resin is mixed with a hardener and poured over the logo. It makes a thick transparent layer over the logo making it appear as if it was embossed on the tap handle.

Varnish Varnish


Varnish protects the logos and gives the plastic parts of the beer dispensers a more premium look. We use a super hard varnish that is scratch resistant and will stand the test of time. Ideal for beer dispensers at bars and restaurants which are subject to heavy and frequent use.

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