Designed To Stand Out
Designed To Stand Out

All of our tabletop drink dispensers are distributed under the brand, The Beer Giraffe. They are used to boost trade and increase beer, lager, spirit and soft drink sales.

Our products are unique in terms of marketing as they offer large branding spaces. They are great for brand recognition.

All the tubes and reservoirs are made of BP-A free plastics, are CE certified and food safe.

The Giraffes The Giraffes
Meet the Team
Meet the Team
It all started in a bar with a bunch of friends, ordering drinks at a rate that the waitress could barely keep up with.
Founder and Director

That’s when the idea struck

Let’s create something we can have fun pouring straight out of! Something that will contribute to a great night out! And that’s how The Beer Giraffe was born.

Business Development Manager
Sales Manager
Account Manager
Account Manager

Since then

We’ve been designing a vast range of tabletop towers and crafting fully customised drink dispensers sketched by our designers and customers – beverage companies, bars, restaurants and hotels, spread across 40 countries, who want to see their customers excited to pour more. Just like us!

Asytec Industrial
Factory Capabilities
Factory Capabilities
Not only do we make beer towers and spirit dispensers under our own brand, The Beer Giraffe, we are also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We manufacture and produce a wide range of different plastic and metal parts and products for companies worldwide. Our main clients are in a wide range of industries such as: swimming pool accessories, barbecues, professional kitchen equipments, metal detectors, and water treatment. Our factory is located in Southern China but our company is Hong Kong-registered. It is is run by a competent multi-national management team, our engineers are highly trained and capable of bringing any complex project involving metal and plastic parts to the production line.    
Plasting Injection
Metal Stamping
Quality Assurance and Testing
Project Management
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