The Beer Giraffe’s New “Craft Beer” Model!

Craft beer lover? Serve Craft Beer at your bar?

With the recent boom in local and organic, and consumers wanting more transparency and sustainably-built options, it’s given rise to craft breweries using local ingredients and experimenting with tons of flavors and kinds.

“I think we’ll continue to see the decline of flagship brands. Consumers have so many options on the shelf and want to try them all. This will stress the regional brewers more than the small breweries, but it will hurt the smaller breweries as well due to the overload of options that bars, restaurants, and liquor stores have.”

— Troy Casey, owner, Casey Brewing and Blending

The best way to ‘try them all’? Flights. The Beer Giraffe’s new dispensing model was specifically designed for a large-scale tastings, geared toward those who want to try the complex flavors and tastes generated from craft beers.