The Beer Giraffe and Hennessy Cognac

The Beer Giraffe is “all about” beer. But we’re not ALL about beer? Wait…maybe that’s confusing…here’s an example.

Hennessy came to us, The Beer Giraffe, in 2016 to manufacture a spirit dispenser for their new brand, Classivm, specifically for the Chinese market.

Why? Well because they know, just like we do, that enjoying beer isn’t the only way to enjoy adult beverages with friends!

The Beer Giraffe and Hennessy together came up with this beauty:

Don’t worry, this beverage dispenser is not full of Hennessy :). Unlike our beer dispensers, this is designed to be be used with mixers.

This is how the product The Beer Giraffe and Hennessy works:

  1. The reservoir is filled with soft drink at the bar
  2. The dispenser is brought to the table (used in discos) together with 2 small bottles of cognac, glasses and ice cubes
  3. The waitress unseals the Cognac bottles in front of the patrons and pours into the reservoir
  4. Stir well
  5. The patrons pour the mixed drink themselves and add ice cubes
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Did we say, enjoy?

The Beer Giraffe is the original manufacturer and we can bring to life any beverage dispenser project.

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