The New Quarter Turn Tap

No one wants to drink alone, except maybe George Thorogood. At The Beer Giraffe we’ve made it our mission to build the most efficient tabletop towers known to man, so that your customers can have a blast together. And since we never stop improving, we’re taking another step in the direction of efficiency and innovation with our brand new Quarter Turn Tap.

Why the Quarter Turn Tap? We thought you’d never ask!

Easier to Assemble

Rather than a screw, which requires more time to operate, the quarter turn tap is super easy to turn on and off, to attach and remove. This allows for a much faster and smoother experience in assembling.

Sturdy + Reliable

Screw tops can deteriorate much faster. The threads can be damaged much more easily and quickly turn. With the ¼ turn, less turns means a tighter sealant, preventing leaks and increasing shelf-life.

Better appearance

Less grooves = less mess. Cleaning is much easier, giving you a beautiful look every time. And even better? The tap handle is always in the upright position when locked. Screw taps can end up stopped at an odd angle at it’s tightest. No crookedness, no mess.

Make sure your customers and your staff have the best experience possible. Try the New Quarter Turn Tap the experts at The Beer Giraffe for your tabletop towers.

Start customizing now!

We’re here to help you spread the social cheer while pouring a pint of beer… or any other drinks your customers love. If you need over 250 towers, we have an exciting selection of ready-made parts you can combine to build your fully customized tower.