The Glittering Skyscraper: A Customized Beer Dispenser for LECH Premium Lager

LECH is a premium lager from Poland brewed by Lech Browary Wielkopolski (SABMiller). As the brand expanded its distribution worldwide, it became a very popular choice among Lager drinkers.  The brand’s iconic large four letter name printed on green cans and bottle, together with the peculiar red and white logo of two goats at logger heads, is well known even among those who do not habitually drink lager beers.  LECH definitely has a brand image that stands out from the crowd.

Like other breweries and brands we worked with, SABMiller wanted to deliver its brand legacy and mark of quality by communicating its message through other means besides from their actual beer products. They wanted to give that something extra to their important clients and customers in Poland by means of another quality product that goes hand in hand with beer itself – the beer dispenser! That is where we come in.

A 3D Concept of the LECH beer dispenser with a beer can base
Another Design Idea of a Skyscraper model with green tap handles

For this project, SABMiller gave us their ideas about the image they wanted to achieve and together we worked on some initial designs and prototypes that later developed to a final custom design.

The result is a glittering beauty. We used The Beer Giraffe’s Skyscraper model in matt metal plating and with logo printed on each side. The Tritan tube with frosted effect gave it a touch of class, something that matches the premium identity of the brand. The cooling tube inside was also frosted for added affect. The Skyscraper model has two taps fitted on each side making it ideal for groups drinking and enjoying some fun together around a bar table. The dispenser was also fitted with LED lights adding on a beautiful glow to the frosted tube.

The Glittering Skyscraper moulded into Reality. Side Shot.
The Final Concept put into Production with frosted Tritan tube and grey tap handles and connector.