Point of Sale Dispensers for Spirit Brands

There is a huge demand for beverage dispensers for the Spirit industry.

Did you know The Beer Giraffe started in a bar?

A group of friends ordering drinks at a rate the waitress could barely keep up with and it hit us. Since then we’ve designed customised drink dispensers for beverage companies, bars, restaurants and hotels, spread across 40 countries.

We love beer but we love a good time even more. Enter: spirits!

After taking on the spirit industry, we see a huge demand for beverage dispensers for spirit companies for point of sale dispensers that are well branded and of high quality. So as we “full steam ahead”, we love creatively customising our existing models specifically for spirits.

The Pros:

  • Large logo space and great opportunity for branding. Beverage dispensers are tall and noticeable, they immediately attract attention.
  • Easy to clean, very durable, brands don’t want to place their logo on an inferior quality product.
Skyy Vodka Beverage dispensers for Spirit
SKYY Vodka hit the epitome of customisation with their 2-4 drink dispenser, which you can substitute for snack trays!
Smirnoff Beverage dispensers for Spirit
Another beverage dispenser for Spirit brand Smirnoff
Smirnoff’s design is clean and very well-branded.

The Cons:

  • Beer dispensers only have one reservoir, which means the spirit and soft drink must be pre mixed. This lowers the quality of the drink and lowers the experience of the user.

A great example is our model by Classivm by Hennessy – pictured below. Here’s how it works:

  1. The reservoir is filled with soft drink at the bar
  2. The dispenser is brought to the table (used in discos) together with 2 small bottles of cognac, glasses and ice cubes
  3. The waitress unseals the Cognac bottles in front of the patrons and pours into the reservoir
  4. Stir well
  5. The patrons pour the mixed drink themselves and add ice cubes
  6. Enjoy!
Hennessy Classivm Beverage dispensers for Spirit

Also unfinished mixed drink are lost when the patrons leave where some discos like to sell bottles and keep them in their facility if unfinished at the end of the night, this encourages patrons to come back.

Check out our Spirit Dispensers here

Are you starting to visualize yours?

Is it coming into view?

What better team to build your business with than beer and spirit lovers like us!

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