Shock Top Beers Customised Beer Dispensers

How we customised beer towers for Shock Top

Some brands stand out from the rest because of their innovative products and ideas. Some others do that through their image, specifically by the way they communicate their brand with outstanding designs, logos and messages. Shock top beers is one of those brands that does both….and it does it well.

They have an innovative product – selling a range of beers with a refreshingly fruity twist. For instance, they have their famous citrusy Belgian white, the spiced wheat-ale infused with real orange, lemon and lime peel, or the Ruby Fresh, the slightly tart and sweet beer with a grape fruit taste. They also have the image – that fruity, refreshing, summery look that has written cool fun all over it.

Shock Top wanted to get more creative and innovative. They wanted to live up to their image. So they asked us to produce a beer dispenser with a base moulded in their brand image – that cool and curious design of an orange head with sun glasses and wheat hair! Needless to say, we took the fun and interesting challenge straight away.

The Shock Top base

We designed and created the prototype which they liked immediately and approved. We could feel this project was going to be as fun and as cool as it sounded. So once Shock Top was pleased with the design, we went to full production.

The final result was amazing. An eye-catching beer dispenser base with a short reservoir and a medallion on top with the same orange head logo design. We loved it. People loved it. Another project, another success. Way to go Beer Giraffe!