Hoegaarden, Belgian’s best!

One of the first questions Hoegaarden asked us is what our design and manufacturing process is like.

This case study aims to visually answer that question. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of our tower

designs and illustration projects from the concept stage right through to production.

 Hoegaarden Beer Tower Design

Early in 2016 our team was approached by Hoegaarden, a producer

of a well-known authentic and refreshing Belgian White Beer.

They had a project for us: to create a beer tower with a design that captures their brand personality.

We got inspired and wanted to follow in the tradition of the brand, thus create a dispenser in the

shape of the hexagonal shaped glass.



Initial Hoegaarden drawing


Hoegaarden Beer Tower 3D Renderings


After the renderings, it was time to create and test a Hoegaarden beer tower prototype.

Using a process called stereolithography, we made the prototypes. Throughout the entire process, we made several modifications. Adding and removing parts, placing and replacing stickers until we were finally happy with the end result.

As soon as approved by the brand, we got busy creating a mold. The very first Hoegaarden beer tower sample was born and soon after a mass production has started.

 Final product

Hoegaarden Beer Tower prototype

Mass Production

Hoegaarden Mass Production
Ready to ship off to Hoegaarden

The NEW Hoegaarden Beer tower was delivered to the brand in summer 2016.

The company logo was wrapped around the dispenser to match the original glass design.

Being enjoyed at a bar


Projects we did for AB InBev

To all the Hoegaarden beer lovers, and to all those who enjoy the Belgian Whites with distinctive

coriander and orange flavors: Cheers!

The Beer Giraffe Team 🙂