Sapporo,Japan’s Oldest Brewery: Creating Customised Beer Dispensers

Sapporo Breweries Ltd. is by far Japan’s oldest brewery still commercially active today. It produces around 616 million litres of beer every year. Originally founded in the city of Sapporo by Seibei Nakagawa, it has later moved head quarters to the capital Tokyo.

Sapporo Breweries approached us to create some awesome beer dispensers carrying their brand name and logo. They wanted to reinforce their brand presence across their supply chain – from main suppliers to bars and outlets offering the brand to their patrons and customers.

They agreed to go with the two-sided scepter model which is on the top list of our most popular and requested models. We customised it with Sapporo’s logo on each side and on the front face of the 2.5 litre reservoir. The tritan tap handle was also covered with their distinctive logo. We delivered the end product in both black and silver finishes. The result was truly a satisfaction for both us and for Sapporo. Another awesome project under our belt we are proud of.