Brahva Beer Dispensers, Case-Study:

“Everything you do should be based on building the brand message,” Curt Foreman of Brew Fest Partners. If you don’t have a strong brand, it will be nearly impossible to win the loyalty of beer drinkers.” Well, that’s what Brahva beer dispensers achieve!


OK, so you’re a business owner. We don’t have to get into how important branding is. But you also realize that knowing its importance and being able to execute it well, are entirely different things.

One way? Consistency. Brahva Beer, the most iconic Brand of AmBev Central America, knows this as well as anyone, and tapped The Beer Giraffe to help them.

One of the official sponsors of the FIFA™ Brazil 2014 World Cup, the brand is heavy on soccer sports fans. Another uniqueness is their big, bold, orange and red colors. The Beer Giraffe built custom Brahva, Beer Dispensers that are fun to drink while watching the big game with groups of friends, while simply nailing the branding consistency.

Brahva, Beer Dispensers Past Projects

What better examples than the “Sports Player” and the “Soccer ball” beer dispensers, complete with soccer jersey and ball, with super visible logo display. The Brahva soccer crowd is totally loving these bad boys.

And what about those big bold oranges and reds that Brahva chose to stand out? How can we use those to deliver an awesome drinking experience while strengthening brand recognition?

The big beer barrel and simple short conic do the trick! Whether something easy and practical is needed, like the stable and well-colored short conic design, or you’re looking for more of a visual ‘splash’, like the big standing barrel – complete with huge logo and coloring options – you can customize your brand to perfectly tailor the moment and the brand.

Got your creative juices flowing yet? Team up with The Beer Giraffe to bring some fun, practicality, and on-point branding capabilities to your business!

What could your brand build with The Beer Giraffe?

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