Beer Towers are tabletop beverage dispensers. They are also known as Beer Tubes, Beer Giraffes or Beverage Dispensers. These beer towers are a great and fun new way to enjoy drinking beer or your favorite beverage with friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The reservoir typically holds 3L of beverage and is placed in the middle of the table. The tube is refilled from the tap and inserted in the base right on the table. Consumers can pour their own beer at their own pace. Beverages are kept cold for a longer time with the use of an ice tube or a chill stick.



For bar managers: no need for waiters to run from the tap to the table with glasses, just bring one 3L tube. Beer towers improve restaurant efficiency and increase profits. They sell MORE beer!


Beer towers tend to make consumers enjoy they experience more and stay longer which increases the bar and beer companies profitability.


With large space for logos, beer companies or bars have a great tool at their disposal. Beer towers are great promotional tools, the base and/or reservoir can be easily branded using your logo. Being so tall it is immediately noticed by everyone in the room.

Why use a beer tower?

Beer towers are proven to increase beer sales. They bring customers to your bar which gains a reputation for being fun, while giving you the edge over your competition. Think of beer towers as an investment you make that will increase the value of your brand over time while making you money in the short term.


““High Quality products and Outstanding Customer Service”

We have been the Australian distributor of The Beer Giraffe products for 4 years now. We chose to distribute The Beer Giraffe dispensers as they were clearly the highest quality dispensers on the market… without comparison. This exceptional quality is their “point of distinction”. The Beer Giraffe are a very professional organization. They are always efficient, easy to deal with and have helped us out in times of need. The Beer Giraffe provide us with “Consistency of Quality”… and this is their difference! Their high quality products combined with their exceptional customer service has helped Aussie Beer Tubes grow to be the market leader in beverage dispensers in the Australian market!”

STEVE DAVIES – Aussie Beer Tubes – Australia



This concept has been around for 100+ years and can be traced back to the USA in the 1800’s. Our company re-engineered the concept to make it more in line with today’s demanding marketing strategies. We are the first and only company to have a full line of themed bases: sport, games, fun or classic. You can promote different sporting events with our vast selection of designs. It provides a FUN experience for restaurant customers or at parties.


Our convenient designs are easy to clean and very durable. All bases, reservoirs / tubes, taps, tap handles, tap nozzles, medallions are interchangeable. We have many reservoirs / tubes sizes, capacity from 2 to 5 liters. We have several types of taps available (Standard, Heavy Duty, Premium and Super taps).

Our own in house manufacturing facility allows us to fully customize our dispensers even for low quantity orders.


We can apply stickers or water-transfer logos, they can be applied to base, reservoir/tube, tap handle, and lid medallion. Scratch-resistant finish improves durability and glossy surface gives a high quality appearance.
We have a long list of accessories and options for your beer tower for you to choose from:


Chill sticks and Ice tubes will keep the beer cold for a long time. A stainless steel chill stick is the most effective cooling solution.


Lighting can be used to attract attention. Lighting is on the top lid or from the bottom with light shooting upwards through the beer. Choose between the light beam outside or inside.


Use our specialized cleaning tools for faster turnaround time at the bar.


We manufacture our beer dispensers using high quality raw materials from well-known international suppliers only. The plastic materials are imported from the USA, Korea or Japan. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified and a team of 8 quality inspectors inspect all incoming materials, in process goods and finished products on a daily basis. Our dispensers are 100% checked for leakage before they are packaged. We do it all: design, prototype, production, shipping. We guarantee use of safe materials – Food Safe / CE / BP-A free. We value copyrights.



“We’re a pretty lively watering hole for expats and Chinese customers alike. We serve 8 different draft beers, mainly imported beers. Our draft beers have become very popular. We were looking for a different option to serve beer, and came up with idea of finding some kind of dispenser. We were lucky to find the beer balloon which we had designed for us. It’s gone very well. Sales improved, it’s brought people in, and it contributes to a great atmosphere around the table; our staff love it! We’ve already put in an order for a new batch! Thank you guys for a great product!”

Jeremy Sargent, The Happy Monk Bar (Guangzhou, China)


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