Spirit Dispensers for the Spirit Industry

As we ‘tap’ into (sorry couldn’t help it) the spirit industry, we are in the process of creating new models of beverage dispensers specifically designed for this space.

Spirit brands have specific requirements and we identified a need for tabletop dispensers specifically designed for them.


The difference: spirit and soft drink should not be pre-mixed. The bottle must be part of the dispenser in order to maximize branding and brand recognition.


That’s where The Spirit Eagle comes in – we are working on our third round of prototypes which will be ready by Jan 2019. What’s more is all models will be fully customizable to match the brand look and feel.


Let’s see it in action:

The dispenser comes to the patrons table with the tubes filled with soft drink and the spirit bottle unopened. An ice cube bucket and glasses are provided.

The waitress opens the bottle in front of the patrons, plug it to the dispenser and set the glasses. The patrons pour their own drink: ice cubes, spirit from the dispenser and soft drink from the dispenser. The spirit is poured to measure (press the button and one shot is poured, not continuous pour).


This bring fun to the tables, more engagement from the patrons, more opportunities for interaction with the brands.

At the end of the night, if any bottles still have liquid in them, they can be kept and resealed for later use. The drink does not lose its quality over time.


The spirit dispenser can be used with one or two types of soft drink but can also be used without soft drink.


We are now fine tuning our designs to make them easily customizable for a wide range of spirit brands without the need for high tooling costs. The combinations and customization possibilities are endless!

Let’s generate attention. Let’s create a buzz. Let’s disrupt the whole POS system known to the spirit industry. Let’s build your The Spirit Eagle dispenser!


Contact us if you are interested in these or if you want to follow our journey!