One of the first questions potential clients and other companies usually ask us is what our design and manufacturing process is like.

This Hennessy case study is aimed at visually answering that question. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of our tower

designs and illustration projects from the concept stage right through to production. Lets get started!


Hennessy Cognac Dispenser


Hennessy, the global leader in Luxury Goods, and the largest Cognac producer in the world, had a dispenser design in mind.

We had a drive, the knowledge and the necessary tools to develop and manufacture the product they designed.

The local Marketing team in China requested a dispenser specifically to promote their “Classivm” brand.

As this would mark the first time The Beer Giraffe ever stepped into the spirit industry. we all were thrilled when they chose us for this project.

 After all, we had the opportunity to work with a cool company on an interesting project.



Product DESIGN & Renderings


Hennessy designed the product (image below) and our engineers worked on the product development.

Our challenge was to develop a Beverage dispensing system different from a typical beer tower, where material must pass all food

safe tests and not deteriorate the taste of the Cognac.

Hennessy dispenser design







We tested and reviewed every single component until we got an innovative, avant-garde dispenser.

The look and function of this dispenser strike a neat balance, and it’s the result of a close collaboration

between dedicated Hennessy team and The Beer Giraffe developers.

A 3 liter reservoir, with an ice tube and a drink stirrer was designed to be filled with soft drink.

The base was designed to hold a small bottle of Cognac.

Hennessy Cognac Dispenser Prototype hennessy_front






hennessy_base  hennessy_base_front

The new Hennessy dispenser is being already distributed in China. We believe, soon it will be distributed in other markets as well.


The Beer Giraffe Team 🙂


About The Beer Giraffe


Beer dispensers are a great and fun new way to enjoy drinking beer or your favorite beverage with friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The reservoir typically holds 3L of beverage and it is placed in the middle of the table. Have a look, click play (video left).

The tube is refilled from the tap and inserted in the base right on the table. Consumers can pour their own beer at their own pace. Beverages are kept cold for a longer time with the use of an ice tube or a chill stick. Our beer towers are ease of use, easy to fill and serve. They are all BP-A free. We design high quality taps (so they don’t leak).

We at the Beer Giraffe, are here to make your selection choice easy. As a largest beer tower manufacturer, we offer over 50 unique and patented designs and beer tower to choose from. We have crafted drink dispensers for major breweries, beverage companies, bars and hotels spread across 40 countries.

Take a look at our entire selection of beer towers to find the option that best suits your application. Good examples and ideas: Drink Towers.

For detailed information contact us so we can advise you which model best suits your needs. Send us an email, it’s FREE. Our email address is: [email protected]

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