Why The Beer Giraffe?

We boast years of experience in the industry, designing tabletop towers and crafting fully customised drink dispensers. Since we set up the brand, we have helped bring more customers to bars. The Beer Giraffe products make pouring fun and are proven to boost sales. In fact, we have crafted drink dispensers for major breweries, beverage companies, bars and hotels spread across 40 countries.

What are The Beer Giraffe products made of?

Our drink dispensers are made of four main parts: a base, a reservoir (which can carry from 2 to 5 litres), a tap (Standard, Heavy Duty, Premium and Super taps) and an ice-tube. Most parts, namely the lid, tap handle, base plate and medallion can be customized to your liking. You can also add extra accessories to your dispenser, such as a flashlight or cleaning brush.

Are your beverage dispensers equipped with a cooling system?

Yes. All our products can be fitted with an ice-tube. This is filled with ice cubes to keep your beverage nice and fresh. Under normal conditions, the ice-tube should keep the beverage cool from around 30 minutes to an hour. It is also built to prevent the ice from mixing with your beverage. You can also buy a Chill Stick - a reusable stainless steel rod that keeps your beverage cooler for even longer. Both cooling options are non-electrical.

How do you clean the beverage dispensers?

We highly recommend dismantling your dispenser for cleaning. Small parts such as taps are best left in a glass of soda overnight. Meanwhile, short reservoirs can be cleaned by hand using a standard sponge, while taller reservoirs can be cleaned using special brushes and sponges you can easily find in our shop. Please note that The Beer Giraffe reservoirs are too big to fit inside standard dishwashers.

What should I look out for when buying my tabletop tower?

Your priority should be the product’s material. We recommend choosing a model which is strong and durable. Always consider the thickness and build quality of the product since it needs to prove its functionality over time.
  • Ask for a quality certificate such as CE.
    This is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.
  • Check that taps can be removed and cleaned easily.
    After a tabletop tower has been used, it needs to be washed properly — this also includes cleaning the taps. Make sure taps are easily detached for cleaning.
  • Evaluate ease of use.
    Check how easy it is to fill the reservoir and pour your drink. Also ensure it’s sturdy when moved around.
  • Take it for a test-drive.
    Test your drink dispenser before serving it to your customers. This will help you trace your dispenser in case it starts leaking. Before using, simulate actual use in your bar: fill the reservoir, check how the taps work, and how it holds the beverage.
  • People buy with their eyes - use attractive designs.
    Personalize your drink dispensers with your logo and design it to make it stand out from the ordinary.

Which materials are The Beer Giraffe dispensers made of?

We only manufacture using high quality raw materials from well-known international suppliers. The plastic material we use is imported from the USA, Korea or Japan. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified. A team of 8 quality inspectors go through the products everyday, ensuring all incoming materials, in-process goods and finished products are up to scratch before they are packaged and sent to you.

Where can we pour out of The Beer Giraffe?

Since we’re international distributors our products can be found across the world. Here’s a list of countries: Europe (Malta, Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Albania, Cyprus, Portugal, France, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Russia, United Kingdom and Finland), Asia (Myanmar, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Malawi, Iran, United Arab Emirates), Africa (Egypt, South Africa), The Americas (USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia), and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand).

How can I become a distributor of your products?

Our global family of resellers is constantly growing - we’re always looking for partners! Whether you are a large company, small business or an individual looking to start up a business, our reseller program can help you increase your profit by selling The Beer Giraffe in your country. As a reseller, you would have access to our complete range of drink dispensers and customization perks. What’s more, we offer discounts to our distributors based on the purchasing amount.

What is the minimum number of products we can order?

Our factory can manufacture your order starting from as low as 250 drink dispensers. We have a production capacity of around 10,000 pieces per month. Should you need less than 250 pieces, you can purchase some of the items that we have in stock. To do so, visit our store.

When will my order be ready?

Manufacturing usually takes around 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the customization required. Shipping depends on where you are based. If you’re in Europe or the US, shipping usually takes between 3 to 5 weeks. Shipping to Asia tends to be faster.

I would like to buy customized tabletop towers, what are my options?

The minimum quantity for a factory order is 250 pieces. You have two options:
  • Create a bespoke model
    Design your own dispenser from scratch. We brainstorm the idea with you. We then create a 3D rendering, give you a quote and send you a prototype (if you wish). When you’re happy, we’ll open moulds, manufacture and deliver.
  • Customize your model
    Build your own dispenser by picking from our vast selection of ready-made parts (base, reservoir, tap, lid, ice-tube, accessories). You can also choose the colours and customize with your own logo.

Is it possible to swap parts?

Yes. Our bases, reservoirs and taps are all interchangeable and fully customizable with your logo. We can build your dispenser from scratch with the standard parts from our stock, then customize it with your logo. Contact our sales team for more details.

What are the advantages of having The Beer Giraffe at my establishment?

  • Efficiency
    Bar managers, say good bye to dashing with glasses from table to the next. Now, you’ll just bring one 3 litre tube to the table, et voilà! Drink dispensers improve restaurant efficiency - they sell fun, excitement and ultimately, more beer!
  • More sales
    Tabletop towers make the drinking experience more social. So consumers will spend more time at your establishment, increasing the bar and beer companies’ profitability.
  • Promotions
    With space for logos, major breweries and bars have an excellent promotional tool at their disposal. Our drink dispensers’ unique structure make it immediately recognisable by anyone in the room, so image what this could do to your brand if the base and reservoir is wearing your logo.
  • Design
    Our convenient design make The Beer Giraffe dispensers very durable and easy to maintain. All bases, reservoirs, taps, handles, nozzles and medallions are interchangeable.

Can you customize drink dispensers?

Yes, our own in-house manufacturing facility allows us to fully customize dispensers even for low quantity orders.
  • Colors
    Provide us with any pantone number, and we’ll match it!
  • Logos
    We can apply stickers or water-transfer your logos on to your model. Logos can be applied to base, reservoir, tap handle and the lid medallion. Scratch-resistant finish improves durability while its glossy surface gives a high quality appearance.
  • LED Lighting
    Lighting can be used to draw attention. Lighting is on the top lid or from the bottom with light shooting upwards through the beer. Choose between the light beam outside or inside.

Can you arrange shipping to my country?

Of course! We work with renowned freight forwarders such as DHL and SDV. However, we cannot clear customs on your behalf upon importation to your country — this has to be done by a local agent.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Shipping depends on your location. In general, deliveries to Europe and US don’t take longer than 3 to 5 weeks to arrive. Shipping within Asia is usually faster.

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