One of the first questions potential clients and other companies usually ask us is what our design and manufacturing process is like.

Welcome to our case studies pages, which offers a much closer look at a selection of The Beer Giraffe work examples

from our unique dispenser designs. This Carlsberg in China case study is aimed at visually answering that question.

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of our tabletop beer tower dispenser designs and illustration

projects from the concept stage right through to production. Lets get started!


Carlsberg Tower Dispenser


Carlsberg, which also happens to be the world’s most popular beer brand, wanted to take their brand in Asia to the next level.

We’ve already worked successffuly with Carlsberg for several years. This time, Carlsberg wanted something

different and something more than just The Beer Giraffe customization services. They wanted their own tabletop beer tower design.

On paper it was a challenging brief: to not only boost its brand visibility in Asia through a new beer dispenser but also to

make it look premium, while ensuring the product is modern and vibrant enough to stand out on the bar shelves.



Product DESIGN & Renderings


As their brand has been embraced on the multinational level, they wanted to centralize and standardize the Carlsberg towers they

already had in the market, thus ensure that what they offer to the customer is the same across all countries. Our challenge was to design and

produce a unique high quality tabletop beer tower dispenser with a ‘premium’ look and feel.


Carlsberg Beer tower Dispenser by The Beer Giraffe





Through conversations and discussion over visual examples, we helped the brand to clarify the vision for their new dispenser.

To better reflect the quality of their beer product and to make sure the design was strongly connected to Carlsberg’s brand identity,

decision was to emboss their signature symbol, the ‘hop leaf,’  on both sides of the reservoir, while adding an elegant rugged texture to it.

We’ve also designed a custom tap which is the customer’s direct contact with the product. The tap has chroming effects.,

All these features combined made the new Carlsberg’s tabletop beer tower design have brought that premium look and feel.


Carlsberg Beer - New Drink Dispenser by The Beer Giraffe


Mass Production



Carlsberg Beer Tower Dispenser

We have shipped over 2000 Carslberg beer towers sets so far since we started the molds.



Projects we did for Carlsberg


Carlsberg Drink & Beer Tower Dispenser - The Beer Giraffe  Carlsberg Beer Dispenser - The Beer Giraffe


To all the Carlsberg beer lovers: Cheers!

The Beeer Giraffe Team 🙂




About The Beer Giraffe

Beer dispensers are a great and fun new way to enjoy drinking beer or your favorite beverage with friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The reservoir typically holds 3L of beverage and it is placed in the middle of the table. Have a look, click play (video left).

The tube is refilled from the tap and inserted in the base right on the table. Consumers can pour their own beer at their own pace. Beverages are kept cold for a longer time with the use of an ice tube or a chill stick. Our beer towers are ease of use, easy to fill and serve. They are all BP-A free. We design high quality taps (so they don’t leak).

We at the Beer Giraffe, are here to make your selection choice easy. As a largest beer tower manufacturer, we offer over 50 unique and patented designs and beer tower to choose from. We have crafted drink dispensers for major breweries, beverage companies, bars and hotels spread across 40 countries.

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