Why it’s right for you.

Are you a beer brand or brewery that wants to stand out in bars with an instantly recognizable, unique design? Yes? What better way than to take a seat at your customers’ table in the form of a custom-made tabletop tower bearing your signature design, colors and logo?

If you have an order of over 1000 dispensers and want to put your stamp on them and truly make them your own, then this if for you. You actually get to design your own dispenser!

So let your imagination loose. Sketch your ideal drink dispenser – then leave the rest to us. Our engineering team is rolling up its sleeves as we speak, armed with the right knowledge, tools and expertise to translate your vision into reality.

Case Studies

How It Works

First turn on your imagination and put your ideas down on paper – no need for a perfect, detailed drawing, don’t worry. Just tell us what you’d like your dispenser to look like and list your specifications.

We’ll sketch it out and come up with a professional 3D rendering of the project. Once you’re happy, we’ll move away from the drawing board and onto the more exciting bits: moulding and crafting your fully customizable dispenser.

You’re more than welcome to have the first prototype, but this is optional. Once approved and confirmed fully functional, we’ll start working on the final sample, complete with colors and finishes – as it would look on bar tables.

The entire process, from our initial point of contact to actually sending your product over for shipment, takes roughly 12 weeks.



Customer drafts a simple sketch or idea.


3D Rendering

TBG provides a 3D rendering.


TBG can provide a prototype as an option.



When rendering is approved, TBG provides a quotation.


TBG opens moulds.



Samples are sent for final approval.


Mass production.



Delivery of products.

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