1. At any given time, 0.7% of the world is drunk. So 50 million people are drunk right now.

  2. Steven Petrosino of New Cumberland, Pennsylvania downed 1 liter of beer or 33 ounces in a chilly 1.3 seconds in 1977 which made him a World Beer Chugging Champion according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

  3. In 1814, almost 400,000 gallons of beer flooded several streets in London after a huge vat ruptured in the parish of St. Giles.

  4. The world´s strongest beer is Brewmeister´s Snake Venom“. While regular beer usually have about 5% ABV, this Scottish killer has a stomach-burning 67,5% ABV.

  5. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.

  6. Amsterdam pays alcoholics in beer to clean streets: 5 cans of beer for a day’s work, plus €10 and tobacco.

  7. Slugs like beer.

  8. Stanford researchers found that beer bubbles create a gravity-defying loop. Bubbles head up in the center where frictional drag from the glass is less and down on the outside as the top gets crowded.

  9. The Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids under the influence. According to Patrick McGovern, an archaeologist from the University of Pennsylvania, workers at Giza received about four liters of beer a day.

  10. Snow is the name of a beer brewed for the Chinese market, and it’s cheap: 49 cents for a can, according to Quartz.

  11. All it takes to chill a beer is ice and salt in a bowl, and stirring it.




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